Guest Post by “For the Love of Curls”: 6 Tips for a Successful Natural Hair Event!


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For the Love of Curls, Natural Hair Blogger, Guest Post, Natural Hair event, is very excited to have guest blogger, LaShon Renee from “For the Love of Curls” giving us amazing tips for your next natural hair event. Be sure to follow LaShon, as she always has great tips and product reviews for natural hair. Thanks LaShon for an informative and fun post!!!


Since I’ve been natural I have been to what feels like a ton of natural hair meetups and events, and as an attendee I have learned a few things about what it takes to make a successful, enjoyable event.

1. Start the event on time

Nothing is worse than making your guests wait for your event to start because there are always those that arrive on time or early so to leave them waiting shows a lack of respect for their time.

2. Separate the vendor area from the speaker area

Once the crowd starts to shop and mingle it is nearly impossible to quiet them down to listen to scheduled speakers. You end up with ignored speakers and an annoyed audience that wants to listen to the program.

3. Hire a host

It is your event but that does not automatically mean you have to be the host if that is not where your talent lies. In my head I’m a dynamic, funny speaker that keeps an audience engaged but then there is reality so when I produce an event I rely on someone else for those skills.

4. Spotlight your vendors

If your event is small enough, leave time in your program to introduce your vendors and what product or service they are selling. Your vendors will be grateful and your audience will be better informed.

5. Have Food!

Hungry attendees are unhappy attendees. People like to have an experience when they attend events and food plays an important part of any good experience. Some of the best events I have attended are the ones where I am fed.

6. Provide information on parking

I’m sure Los Angeles is like any other metropolitan city in that traffic and parking is a beast! The only thing worse than fighting traffic to get to an event, is looking for parking once you get there. An easy way to minimize the headaches is to include information on where to park in the invite.

Natural hair events have become an integral part of what brings the natural hair community together. I hope you find these tips useful in making your next event a success!

What tips would you give to have a successful natural hair event?

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Weekend Recap: NappyWood Natural Hair Expo


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The Nappywood Natural Hair Expo is an amazing event filled with Natural hair vendors from all over the U.S.. This year’s event was held at the Hacienda Hotel located in El Segundo, California near the Los Angeles LAX airport on Sunday, August 3, 2014.
As you entered the courtyard for the event, you were immediately greeting by several volunteers. Depending on your ticket purchased, or if you were a vendor, talent or educator, you were directed to the proper table to pickup your goodie bag and ticket/badge. I was honored to be hosting one the side stages, so I was able to receive a VIP badge which gave me access to all the event offerings.

Once I pick up my goodie bag and badge, I made my way to the elevator. As I exited the elevator onto the 2nd floor, I knew that I had found the right location. The entire floor was a buzz with chitter chatter, clinging of glasses from the bar and the sweet smell of coconut and tropical scents, which was of course all of the natural hair products on display. I made my way into the Main event ballroom, which was a huge space with venders flanking the walls and center of the room. On the other side of the room, you had a runway stage setup for vendors to model their clothing and of course for the Natural Hair styling show and contest.

Since I arrived with a little time to spare before taking my place on the side stage, I decided to walk around, meet some the vendors and see if I can find a new product that my 4c hair would love. Everyone that you can think of was located at this event. From 4Naturals, LRC (Lawrence Ray Concepts), Creme of Nature, The Curly Queen, The LocSoc, Wild Heart Bliss and so many other vendors.

Besides all the vendors it was all about the hairstyles that were roaming around the room. Looking at all the different styles made you want to go home and do some things. From Updo loc styles, beautiful afros, TWA’s, Intricate braiding, twisted styles and ladies with the african threading technique done in beautiful designs. Nappywood also offered onsite consultations with selected stylists and many stylists offered hairstyling on the spot! It was like heaven for Natural hair lovers!

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Demonstration of the African Threading style by Nawaili Gray and Anana Scott.

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Models showing the intricate details of the African Threading Technique.

Anana Scott and Nawaili Gray create very intricate and beautiful styles using the African Threading technique pictured above. These styles may seem familiar if your a fan of Goapele, because Anana Scott is the stylist that has created many of the styles that you’ve seen. As matter of fact, you can check out a video HERE of Anana creating an amazing style for Goapele. Anana and Nawaili showed the audience how to do the African Threading Technique and also gave a plethora of background on how these styles originated.

The event space consisted on the main room, where the big names in the industry had a chance to speak such as Felicia Leatherwood and Dr Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolutions, you also had a smaller room on this level, which is where I had to opportunity to host the demonstration stage with the always beautiful and talented Vanessa Beard, founder of the Untamed Hair Tour.  We had the amazing and talented Goose, the Barber of Legends The Barbershop talk about TWA’s and Sassy short haircuts which I love!! Rootspiration which is a hair and scalp oil also gave us information on maintaining healthy natural hair and several other stylists had demonstration on various styles. The event consisted of two classrooms, where vendors not only talked about their product but also offered hands-on classes and demonstrations. As well as another room on the second level which was held for panel discussions.

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The Beautiful Kyron of The Honeycomb and Coil Designer Braids, demonstrating one of the intricate and gorgeous styles that she create.

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Young lady getting her hair styled during the Nappywood Natural Hair Expo.

As you can see there was a lot going on at the Nappywood Natural Hair Expo, so you needed to be prepared. If you spent too much time buying stuff and talking with friends, you may miss something that you really wanted to see in a different room. I must say the event was full of life and education. You can attend this event not knowing much about natural hair and leave with so much information that you’re on your way to becoming a natural hair guru.
Some of the highlights for me were, seeing Felicia Leatherwood on stage giving advice and looking fierce. Meeting the team of LRC products which is one of my favorite brands that my hair just loves, learning and seeing the African Threading technique, which is very intricate and beautiful. I left this expo, exposed to so much more that the natural hair community offers that I don’t even realize.

I’m excited to see this event expand and grow next year.

Did I miss you at the event this weekend? Tag me in your photos so I can check it out!

Til next time loves…

Here are some vendors and products that I love!!!

Nappywood, Natural Hair, Natural Hair Products, Natural Hair Expo, Mahogany Roots, Rootspirational, LRC, Felicia Leatherwood, Untamed Hair, Wild Heart Bliss, Nappywood, Natural Hair, Natural Hair Products, Natural Hair Expo, Mahogany Roots, Rootspirational, LRC, Felicia Leatherwood, Untamed Hair, Wild Heart Bliss,


Nappywood, Natural Hair, Natural Hair Products, Natural Hair Expo, Mahogany Roots, Rootspirational, LRC, Felicia Leatherwood, Untamed Hair, Wild Heart Bliss,

Jana’e Michelle

Natural Hair Talk: Why I stopped using my Denman Brush!


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Ahhh…My hair is washed, conditioned, now it’s time to detangle. But why do I feel like I’m losing so much hair? I’m using a moisturizing conditioner with lots of slip, my wide tooth comb and my Denman brush. Wait….My Denman brush seems to be the culprit. I have so much hair tangled within the bristles of this very popular detangling tool, but I’m just not sure if this is the tool for me.

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Have you been through this scenario? Where you noticed that your Denman brush seems to have so much of your hair entangled within the bristles that should be on your head. Well, that’s why I stopped using my Denman brush. Although it’s a great tool for detangling and the natural hair community has embraced it, I think my 4c hair just doesn’t feel the same.

On average we lose 40-120 strands of hair everyday depending on our age, how much hair we have and our growth cycle. So, why would I use a tool that probably takes triple this amount of hair with every use. (The voice inside my head says…) “Because all the naturals use it…”

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Natural Hair Tutorial: Curly Fro’ using Beautiful Textures and Flexi-Rods


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Hey Loves!


I recently wanted to try my hand at FlexiRods. I had them for a while but never really tried to style my hair using them. Well, I recently purchased a few products from Beautiful Textures and thought that it would be the perfect time to try a FlexiRod style. Check out my video below and let me know what you!



Product Review: LRC ” The Potion” Protein Conditioner


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Product Name: LRC (Lawrence-Ray Concepts) Organic & Natural Hair Care System “The POTION”

LRC, The Potion, Protein Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Natural Hair, Natural Hair Products, Natural Hair Blog, Natural Hair Blogger, Naturally Curly Kinky, Lawrence-Ray Concepts,

Price:  $42.67

Size: 12 oz.

Product Description for The Potion: Rich in vitamins, nutrients and natural oils creating moisture for dry scalp and brittle hair. The potion is a protein enriched conditioner loaded with natural butters. It coats and seals the hair, restructuring damaged hair shaft creating smooth manageable silky hair! Our Magical Creation that will leave your hair craving more, more, more!

Ingredients:  Vitamin B5, Wheat Protein, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Foraha Oil, Myrtle, Spikenard, Juniper, Petitgrain, Rose, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavandin, Thyme, May Chang, Lemon, Spearmint, Owyhee oil.

My Experience:  This was my first time using “The Potion” and I was blown away at how soft my hair felt after while applying and after use. I started with freshly washed hair that I didn’t detangle so I could truly see how this Protein conditioner would work. Usually protein conditioners don’t have much slip for detangling, but if you check out my video then you know that his is no ordinary conditioner. I was able to detangle using a wide-tooth comb and also finger detangled. After applying the conditioner in sections, I sat under my steamer for approximately 20 minutes and then allowed my hair to come to room temperature before rinsing. When the steaming process was complete, my hair had softened up even more, which was absolutely amazing. And for all my girls with 4C hair, you know how it is to have your hair so soft and all you want to do is play in it. Well, that’s exactly what it felt like. While sitting there waiting to rinse, I could feel this tingle on my scalp. You know that feeling that something is really working… It was the Peppermint and Spearmint in the ingredients and it felt so good on the scalp. I rinsed my hair in cool water and towel blotted to remove the excess water. Once again, there was this softness that I just can’t explain. I had my husband and mother touching my hair to make sure it wasn’t just me. I personally loved that a Protein conditioner could make my hair feel this soft. I used the product as is, I didn’t add anything to it, but I was thinking…How much softer would my hair be if I added a little oil to the deep conditioning process? Maybe I’ll try that next time and believe me there will be a next time.

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Oyin Handmade Product Review


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Product review, Oyin Handmade, Honey Hemp Conditioner, Hair Dew, Natural Hair, Natural Hair review, Team Natural, Natural Hair Product, Conditioner for Natural hair,


Product Name: Oyin Handmade Hair Dew

Price:  $37.99 (A little pricey, but works great)

Size: 1 liter

Product Description for Hair DewThis lightweight quenching lotion refreshes the hair without buildup. Nourishing castor, olive and coconut oils combine with aloe vera and pure water to form a non-greasy, creamy leave-in that’s light enough for every day. It’s great on “naked” hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair  all the way through your hair care cycle. 

Ingredients:  Purified water, castor oil, olive oil, organic aloe vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol (emulsifier derived from colza oil), coconut oil, olive squalane, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylil glycol (preservative), cetyl alcohol, fragrance, and love!

My Experience:  I personally love using the Hair Dew to moisturize my dry hair. When I have a old Twist-Out or want to wear a High Puff, then I would use the Hair Dew directly on my hair. I immediately notice that my hair is very soft and manageable. I also tried the Hair Dew as a deep conditioner. I started on hair that had been spritzed with water and then slathered the Hair Dew on. I placed my hair into a high puff so I could make sure that my ends would benefit from being under a steamer. After deep conditioning with my hair steamer for about 20 minutes, I allowed the hair to cool, bringing down the temperature. Afterwards, I washed my hair and continued with normal routine. My hair felt soft, but it wasn’t the softness that I was used to for a deep conditioner. I had seen this technique on YouTube and realized that it didn’t work for my hair. However, as mentioned earlier using the Hair Dew to moisturize my dry hair works amazingly. 

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#INHMD2014LosAngeles Recap


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Naturally Curly Kinky, #INHMD, #INHMD2014LosAngeles, #INHMDcares, Natural Hair event, LA Curly Girls, International Natural Hair Meetup Day, Team Natural, Natural Hair Community

On Saturday, May 17th Naturals across the world celebrated together for the 3rd International Natural Hair Meetup Day. In Los Angeles, LA Curly Girls hosted the event at Cozymel’s Restaurant in El Segundo.

The event was an afternoon Brunch, as you walked into the restaurant which is amazing in its self with outdoor seating, fire pits, a variety of areas to enjoy your food, including a Bar area, and several rooms where a private party or large group could use. I was escorted by the hostess to the room where the #INHMD event was being held. As I walked through the curtain, the room opened up to seat about 50 guests and I was immediately greeted with a big hug by Lydia Boyd, the President of the LA Curly Girls. As you walked into the room, to the right were tables set up with so many gifts bags. The first table was an array of giveaways for the raffles and social media contest prizes. As you continue around the corner of tables, you had swag bags for each guests and there were also swag bags for everyone that brought unused hair products to be sent to troops around the world.

As you ventured further into the room, each table had documents at each seat that included a hair questionnaire, Porosity info sheet, ice breaker game and so much more. As mentioned above, there were some Social Media contest as well, so each table also contained a list of rules for participation in the contest.

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Refreshing your Old Twist-Out for 4c Hair!


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If your hair is a 4 A, B, or C then you know that keeping your hair moisturized and soft can be a challenge. After a few days, our twist-outs may have some definition, but you can usually feel the ends of the hair are dry.

Natural Hair, Naturalista, Naturally Curly Kinky, Hair of the day, HOTD, Natural Hairstyles, hairstyle, Natural Hair stylist, Trim, Hair Cut, Natural Hair Community, natural hair rocks, natural girls rock, Deep Conditioning, Flat Twist, Flat Twist-Out, Entwine Couture, Design Essentials Natural, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, Carol's Daughter, Healthy Hair Butter,So, what can we do to help maintain our twist-out and keep our hair feeling fabulous. My suggestion is to retwist your hair in the evening. Now, I’m not saying that you need to have all these small twists all over your head. No, keep it simple. I prefer to do larger twists at night. Not only will the process be quick but this will also give you definition and full hair.
Try not to layer product over product on your hair throughout the week. Feel and rub your hair? I like to rub my dry hair as though I was sealing with oil. Stretching the hair in a downward motion while allowing the natural oils that are present in my hair to moisturize. At this point if I feel that my hair could use a little something then I will simply add water/aloe vera spritz and seal with oil. No added creams or butters. My 4c hair will feel weighed down if I continued to put creams and butters through the week. Adding a little moisture and oil to seal is more than enough. If you notice that your hair continues to feel dry, then truly take a look t your regime, instead of constantly adding product.

Check out my video on how I refresh my hair. I would love to know how you make your twist-outs last all week! Let me know in the comments below!

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My Plus Size OOTD: ELOQUII Colorblock Peplum


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I can’t tell you, how excited I was when I received my Eloquii package at my front door. I ripped the package open to expose this sophisticated Colorblock Asymmetrical Peplum Dress. I love their clothing! The Black and White colorbolck is perfect for Spring and the added splash of of Pastel Pink just tops it off. Plus, you have the peplum top which helps hide that tummy area. I must say this dress is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

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Fun and Easy Ways to Jazz Up Twist-Out!


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Wearing a Twist-Out is always fun, but there are days when you want to jazz it up with some accessories. I love using an abundance of hair accessories such as scarves, headbands, barrettes and flowers to give my twist-out a different look.

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