Curls Unleashed – Curl Defining Creme Review

Product Description: Helps shine, define and moisturize your curls without shrinkage. 

This product is great for twists, twist outs, coiling, freestyles and updos.


My Experience: Curls Unleashed was a product that I saw while in the beauty supply searching 
for a product to define my twist-outs. I was hesitant because the price was $17.99 but I decided 
to splurge and see how it would work on my hair.  

I started with clean and moisturized hair, I used a little on my finger for each twist and did 

this step throughout my twisting product. During my first attempt I use too much of the 
creme and had white flakes in my hair. FAIL… but that was all my fault. I was trying to 
hard to achieve that defined twist-out by any means necessary. However, this didn’t deter 
me from trying again because the twist were very defined. 
On my next attempt to achieve that defined twist-out, I had SUCCESS!! I loved how defined
 the twist were and I received many compliments on my hair and other naturals asked 
how I achieved such a defined style.

I realized that you don’t need much to achieve a great hairstyle and this is a product that I will 

keep on hand.

Beginning of my Twisting Process.

Fragrance: Curls Unleashed is made with coconut, sweet almond and safflower oils. 

You can smell a sweetness from the coconut and sweet almond that can seem overwhelming 
when first applying to the hair, however I noticed that the smell dissipates rather quickly.

Results: Once I untwisted my hair, I was loving the definition that Curls Unleashed gave me. 

My hair feels soft, there’s no flaking and no greasy feeling. My definition held for about 
3-days which was a awesome because I didn’t have to create a style because my hair became 
a big puff.
1st day Twist-Out

Price: I have to admit $17.99 was a little pricy for my budget. But I was happy with the 

end result and the 16 oz. size as lasted me for sometime now and I twist my hair on a 
regular basis so I’m definitely getting my money worth.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely loved my twist-out definition and the length of time the my 

curls were defined. Curls Unleashed will be a product that I will make an investment in 
in the future. As I haven’t found another product that has held the definition for my 4B/C
hair like this. I was very pleased with results.
Chunky Twist Out

Have you used Curls Unleashed products? Let me know what you think of them!

Peace and Blessings!

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  1. Hmmm….Wonder how it works on wash 'n go style. Your twist-out is cute. But why do these products have to be so dang pricey?? Ughh!

  2. Great results! I've been eyeing this line but haven't been compelled to purchase it yet, especially with the price tag. Maybe I'll add this to my wish list or even for my mother's natural coils. Thanks for the review!

  3. I went to the beauty supply looking for Miss Jessies and he tried to sell me this stuff and I have to admit, I gave him a side eye when he tried to sell it to me as an alternative. Your hair looks good though :)

  4. I haven't tried this product in a wash 'n go yet, not sure how it would work. Never hurts to try! I know this product isn't cheap but it was worth the money since it came in 16oz and you don't need much so it should last you a while. If you try it let me know what you think.

  5. Thanks Tai! I appreciate you checking out the post. I was eyeing this line as well, but was really looking for something to define my curls and this really worked. I'm thinking of trying some of the other products from this line to see how they work as well. I'll keep you posted. If you try it, let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback.!

  6. Hi Marie,It's funny that you say that. When I was searching for alternative to Miss Jessie's, Curls Unleashed is what I found. I do like Miss Jessie's however the price tag for it is just to high for me right now. Curls Unleashed isn't cheap but it's about half the cost of Miss Jessie's and works great!Thanks for checking out my blog. If you decide to give Curls Unleashed a try, let me know aha you think. Would love to hear how other naturals like the product.Jana'e

  7. Your hair looks really nice. I'm new to wearing my hair naturally (sort of). I am out of weaves now but my hair is in twists (Braids) that I had done at a shop. Eventually I want to be bold enough to do my own hair! I'm trying to learn all I can about Natural hair wearing (again). Which brings me to a question: What is 4B/C Hair?BTW, your review was great! Thanks!!!

  8. Your twists out came out well nourished and with loads of sheen.

  9. I like your review of this, i am also trying to preview products cause one day i want to wear my hair natural. I have a perm in it so when i try to wear it in twists it didnt work lol i looked a hot mess. Cool blog i'll be folowing <

  10. Hey lovely thanks for stopping by my blog. The twist outs look amazing, so defined! gladly following back xx

  11. Hi Darrylon, Thanks for checking out the post! I appreciate the support. Be bold and express yourself! I know that your hair is gorgeous. You just need to find styles that work for you and enjoy playing with hairstyles. I personally just experiment with styles I see online. Some work and others don't but it's fun to see what does work for me and then I incorporate the style into my hair routine.As for the 4B/C, it refers to hair type. Hair type range from 2abc-4abc. Type 2 hair includes light to very wavy hair patterns, type 3 includes lightly curly to very curly hair patterns that are well defined and springy. Type for 4 hair can range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse with lots of stands.My hair actually is a type 4a in some areas, 4b in others and 4c right in the middle of my head. 4a is tightly coiled hair with definite curl pattern that is prone to shrinkage. 4b has less of a defined curl pattern, this hair usually bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z". 4c is considered a little more challenging than 4b hair. Coily ziggy hair very tightly kinked. I think I'm going to do a post on this as I have gathered a lot of information on the subject. I hope this helps, if not, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to go into more detail. naturallycurlykinky@gmail.comThanksJana'e

  12. Thank you lady!!!I appreciate your support! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love the Curls Unleashed it does help to moisturize the hair.Thanks Again!Jana'e

  13. Thank you so much Sylvia! love your blog! I appreciate the support!ThanksJana'e

  14. No, this helps tremendously. One more question: are hair products categorized by these product or is it just good to know when choosing a product? If you cover this in the post you mentioned doing, I can wait until then for an answer. I'm grateful for you taking the time to explain to me.

  15. you have beautiful hair!Have a great week ahead! Stop by and say hello!

  16. Your hair looks great! Very shiny and healthy looking. I gave you a blog award today beautiful, so stop by when you have time.

  17. I love how this style turned out.

  18. I have seen this product, but I'm never sure if certain products are worth the money. This is a great review!

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